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The removal of the crown of a tree at a prescribed height to encourage multistem branching from that point. Once started, it should be repeated on a cyclical basis always retaining the initial pollard point, or bolling as it becomes known. This method is often used to regulate the size of certain species.

Crown Reduction

The reduction in height and/or spread of the crown of a tree. Crown reduction may be used to reduce mechanical stress on individual branches or the whole tree, make the tree more suited to its immediate environment or to reduce the effects of shading and light loss, etc.

Crown Thinning

Crown thinning is the removal of a portion of smaller/tertiary branches, usually at the outer crown, to produce a uniform density of foliage around an evenly spaced branch structure. It is usually confined to broad-leaved species. Crown thinning does not alter the overall size or shape of the tree.


Because each cut has the potential to change the growth of the tree, no branch should be removed without a reason. Common reasons for pruning are to remove dead branches, to improve form, and to reduce risk. Trees may also be pruned to increase light and air penetration to the inside of the tree’s crown or to the landscape below. In most cases, mature trees are pruned as corrective or preventive measures, as routine thinning does not necessarily improve the health of a tree

Tree Removal

There are many reasons for removing a tree ie disease/ structural damage. A tree can either be removed to leave a stump or ground out completely.

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